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Artists Represented in Salida Galleries

Brodeur studio/gallery

Paulette Brodeur – Oil Paintings

Brooks Gallery

Lenny Brooks – Photographer, writer/poet
Gail Brooks – Photographer, Potter, Website designer
Fred Hubicki – Oil Painter
Sage Ryen – Jeweler
John Sousa – Sculptor
Deb Burnhardt – potter from Trinidad

Fair Trade Artists from around the world

Bungled Jungle

Pat and Suzanne Patton collaboratively stalk & capture fantastical creatues to surprise and tickle you!

Felt in Hand Studio

PJ Bergin

Four Winds Gallery

Linda Frances -Oil and Mixed Media Originals and State Tree Prints
Damian Radice, Matthew Jones – Pottery
Robert Adler, Wood benches, boxes, sculpture
Deb Bedolla, Krisann Corcoran – Jewelry
Jeffry Gallardo, Aaron Ensley,Adrienne Petterson – Photography
Jean Hanfelt, Carolyn Stewart, Nicole Torres, Sibyl Teague, Chris Johnson, Adrienne Petterson – note cards

gallery 150

Jerry Scavezze- Jewelry
Michael Parry – Raku Scupture
Charles Frizzell – Watercolors and Oils
Rod Porco – Mixed Media Vessels
Susan Bethany – Jewelry and Scarves
Walker Moore – Collaborative Paintings
Toni Tischer – Anticlastic Gold and Silver
Karin Frye – Hand-painted reading and sunglasses
Clyde Tullis – Raku Pottery

Green Cat

Joe Brady – Wood and Stone Sculptures
Steph Brady – Hot Glass Manipulated, Sandcarved, Placed in Antiquities and Magical Frames……Pictures – Pastel, Acrylic, Oil

Maverick Potter

Home studio & gallery of Mark Rittman and Suzanne Rittman
Natalie Moore
Gaia Creations
Carol Novak
Troy Singleton

Sunlight Studios

Brice Turnbull – One of a Kind Blown Glass Vessels, Small Sculpture, Color-Changing Lights, and Paperweights

William Boddy Art

William Boddy – Enamel, Acryllic and other media – Murals, Paintings, Sculpture