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Four Winds Gallery

UntitledAbstract,close[2]Linda Frances
118 F St


Mixed media abstract landscape paintings & prints by Linda Frances, pottery by Damian Radice, jewelry, photography, decorated gourds, sculpture, fiber and note cards. Salida calendars, post cards, more in season.

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Eye Candy

Nikki Manes
118 N F St




Eye Candy has everything from pinup art to bike chain bracelets and everything in between – art and treasure from around the state and around the world!


Brodeur Studio Gallery

222 1/2  F Street

Contemporary Works by International Artist

18 years in Salida

Tuesday Thursday Saturday 1-5

by appointment



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Smalzel/Mayfield Gallery

123 North F Street
Salida, CO 81201
Susan Mayfield
Stephen Smalzel

susanmayfield.net   smalzel.com

 The display and working space for these well-known Salida Artists, Susan Mayfield and Stephen Smalzel, features landscapes and the occasional abstract painting, You are invited to come by for a visit to see them painting and maybe catch a little banjo music too.

Maverick Potter

maverick potter bowl stack-1mark throwing big bowlMark Rittman
119 F St

The Maverick Potter is Salida’s full service pottery and gallery featuring work by artist and owner Mark Rittmann. We specialize in functional and decorative ceramic art and also have a unique collection of hand blown glass, photography, linocuts, metalwork, and woodwork.

We offer classes, paint your own pottery, and clay projects for all levels of experience. Your inspiration is waiting for you at The Maverick Potter.



Spirit Mountain Antler & Log Design

Spirit Mountain Antler & Log Design
Cathy Lindstrom

Anything from custom furniture using native woods from Colorado (bristle cone pine, mtn juniper & aspen) and inlaying turquoise, copper and resin in the checks etc. We also carry gift items from wall art, pottery, jewelry & custom pillows. Call or e-mail for more details. “Enter as a Stranger and leave as a friend”.

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Green Cat Studio

Steph Brady
124 G St


The green cat is a gallery for Joe and Steph Brady to display their art and a studio for Steph.  Joe does the wood and stone.  Steph does the glass, fine art, pastels, oils, & acrylics, jewelry.  The gallery is also filled with green cat t-shirts, dresses, beads, gift items and lots more fun stuff….


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Carl Bork Fine Art

"Patterns of Light" Oil 24" x 36"

“Patterns of Light” by Carl Bork

"Today's Gift" by Carl Bork

“Today’s Gift” by Carl Bork

Studio – Gallery

149 W First St

Studio / Gallery of local Colorado Impressionist Carl Bork and KM Watkins. Specializing in local landscapes, portraits, figures and still lifes done in Bork’s colorful impressionistic style.
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William Boddy Fine Art Gallery

Cowgirl[2]130 F Street



William Boddy Studied one year at The University of Colorado, Boulder, CO (one winter was enough) three years at The university of California in Los Angeles, and one year at Sacramento State College. His art emphasis in school was three  dimensional art, ie. sculpting and jewelry. After leaving school William spent ten years working with different ad and design agencies as an artist while moonlighting as a bass player musician. Because of his experience with the agencies his art medium had become almost exclusively paint (acrylic, watercolor and oil based)


Brooks Gallery

119 North F Street


Colorado photographers, Lenny and Gail Brooks have been capturing images of the Rocky Mountains since the early 1970’s.

Brooks Gallery features the highest quality prints of nature, travel and artography (the art of photography), as well as pottery and jewelry by the Brooks. Unique “fair trade” gifts and jewelry help support indigenous artists from around the globe. They invite you to come by or browse their online gallery.



Carl Ortman Gallery

pretty in pinkCarl Ortman

119A East First Street



Carl’s affinity for art began when he was accepted into the Cleveland Institute of Art to study traditional fine art and painting. He knew from his initial moments there that he would not end up with his ideal life if he followed the predetermined degree outlines. He viewed college as a means to help sharpen who he was as an artist and person, not a place to follow a systematic course schedule en route to receipt of a degree. He proceeded to take an assortment of college classes dealing with psychology, graphic design, and traditional fine art skills at a local state school. (more…)

Felt in Hand Studio

PJ Bergin
Felt in Hand Studio
126 ½ F Street
Salida, CO
(719) 221-3840

Vibrant, Expressive Art Created from Wool

Constructed from studio dyed wool, each art piece is felted into Network Tapestry™, Layered Tapestry™, LED-lit Glow Structures™ and now, Custom Area Rugs.

Watch a video of Felt in Hand Studio in action




Geraldine Alexander
101 N F St

Hours: Wed-Sat 12-7 & Sun and Mon 12-4, summer. Wed-Sat 12-6 pm, not summer.

At this Salida gallery you will find contemporary, innovative work, with a focus on the unique art of the region. You will also discover a discriminating selection of beautiful artisan jewelry here . Located at 101 North F Street, it is the base for three metalwork studios: Michael Boyd, Todd Tychewicz, and Harry and Nicole Hansen’s studio, Sterling and Steel.

Bungled Jungle

Pat & Susanne
132 W 1st St


The Bungled Jungle is the collaborative effort of two silly people, Pat and Suzanne. They create hand sculpted varmints/creatures/monsters/whatevers, one-of-a-kind, absolutely unique to surprise and tickle you!

Watch a Great Bungled Video (more…)

Salida SteamPlant Galleries

Michael Varnum
220 W Sackett Ave

Paquette Gallery    The Paquette Art Gallery is located in the lobby of the historic SteamPlant Theater and displays works from local artists in the region. The Gallery is generally open during business hours and one hour prior to theater performances.

Slideshow 2 Strawn-Grether Sculpture Garden    The Strawn-Grether Sculpture Garden is located at the SteamPlant and features works by local and regional Sculptures.

The DSI Gallery in the SteamPlant Annex host special exhibitions throughout the year.

Gallery 150



Jerry Scavezze
Toni Tischer

150 W 1st St

Gallery 150 is an eclectic mix of traditional and abstract modern art. Everything from environmental abstract sculpture by Eric Candee to fabulous acrylic landscapes by Charles Frizzell. We feature Paintings, Mixed Media Wall Art, Pastels, Glass Art, Ceramics, Fine Furniture, Hand Crafted Fashion Jewelry and much much more. (more…)

Virtuosity Gallery

"Old Friends" by Josh Been

“Old Friends” by Josh Been

139 W First Street

Salida, CO 81201


 Joshua Been



Don’t miss. Local artist, Joshua Been can often be found oil painting in this studio/gallery. Illusionistic Impressionism is the style in which he continually BLOWS PEOPLE’S MINDS!!

Art & Salvage Gallery

Jess Vogel
121 N F Street

Jess Vogel shows her own reverse glass paintings along side

an eclectic collection of fine art by other local artists, and antiques and curiosities she finds around the world.